Life in the Info Age ; )

Thursday, January 12, 2006

call the cell

After class today I thought about the idea of having "useless" conversations on cell phones and perhaps because of cell phones. As I was making the 10 minute walk back to my dorm on this lovely day I flipped my cell and called my friend to ask about plans for dinner tonight. Obviously this would be call worthy I decided however I was only contradicted when I went into her room across the hall about 7 minutes post-convo. Sorry Mom/Dad I'm not sure exactly how much that call, which seemed necessary at the time, amounts to but I'm positive not a penny would be worth the "still no plans yet" I received. It's almost awkward to not be on your cell phone when you are sitting alone. Earlier today I was wasting time by Showalter Fountain and I felt like I should be on my phone. Weird I know that I would have such an urge however I have decided that being the extrovert I am, my cell phone becomes almost necessary. Maybe I should recommend that before purchasing one's first cell phone there should be some kind of warning given such as, "extroverts beware, once you call you can't stop". This may be a dramatic effect of cell phones but think about it, instead of meeting someone new to strike up conversation I could easily call my best friend and it would be just like she was there, diminishing the purpose to make new acquaintances.